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When kids take the lead

About Us

Everyone who loves water is our volunteer and staff and who all wish to have smile in others through the bonding of water molecules 

We are a community of people  from the field  of helath & education and create awreness  on water wisdom and respect for water specially for human bengs & how water therapy radiates Health & Happiness in us.

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Here’s a Bit More About Us

We are global citizens wishing to have this Planet Earth a beautiful place to live in  and our sustainability is possible only through water. We have our presence in more than 25 countires.We have committed to support the MDGs of United Nations for mamkind and for which we have opted the area of Water Therapy to support for the sustainability of life of human beings in the future . We advocate that GDP of any country is possible only when every nation and every household would be able to save 60 per cent of their family income for a better standard of life and only Health can bring better life ,peace,harmony and happiness in the society. And there is only one 'Mantra' that is water and just not water, it is WATER THERAPY!!

Meet Our Staff

When educationists take the steps


Carlos Hidalgo: Adviser, El Salvador & journalist by profession.