Sim Leang Lay

Chief Campaigner, Cambodia

Pradeep Kumar,

Digital Adviser, India.

Dr.Gopinadhan Pillai

Adviser,Kerala State,India

    Our Team

Sun Wen

Chief Campaigner, China

Monica Menon

International Editor

Dr. Fawaz Khan

Chief Campaigner-Maharashtra

SM AI Mahmud

Chief Campaigner, Bangladesh

Mahtab Uddin

Adviser, Bangladesh

May Sypaserth

Youth Ambassador, Laos

Prakash Patil

Chief Campaigner, USA

Mr.Jim Hilgenberg

Chief Campaigner,USA

Mr. Ameet Gohel


Dr Anurag is the Director for World Water Day community  and successfully organised activities  for WWD,2018 and he is instrumental in organasing many activities for medical  students and medical   association related issues. 

Jigdel Dorjee

Chief Campaigner, Tibet & India

Dr. .Shivani Singh

Director-Woman & Child Development,

Madhya Pradesh,India

Adv.Anshul Sharma

Deputy Chief Campaigner,India

Dr Anurag Gupta,

Director: Healthy Water.India

Manik Kumar

Chief Campaigner, Taiwan

Dr. Rajeev Ranjan

Director: Community Health,India

Dr. Drumadalaa Gajbhiye

Director: Women & Child  Health,


Sonal Bhatia

Chief Campaigner,UAE

Carlos Hidalgo: Adviser, El Salvador & journalist by profession.

Subhadra Kumari Udawatte

Adviser, Sri Lanka

Ms.Gabriela Deut

Adviser, South America

Nitchakarn Punjakhun

Deputy Chief Campaigner,Thailand

Tinkgerbelle Aorae

Youth Ambassador: Asean Region

Dr.Shankul Dwivedi,

Director: Vision Bharat-100 Heathy Villages

To know more about our Team members,Directors,Advisers, Chief Campaigners, please mention in our contact page and your query will be redirected to the respective country and personnel.

Dr.Aphinita Chaichana

Patron, Thailand

Medemi Matsui

Adviser, Japan


Stacy Ndumia

Chief Campaigner,Kenya

Dr.Ashwini Kore Molmanke



Ms.Ayumi Shino

Chief Campaigner,Japan

Dr. Najeeb Mohammed Ismail

Adviser, UAE

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Dr. Alok Kumar

Director-Social Health,India

Dr. Yada Nakarawarakul

Chief Campaigner, Thailand

Dr. Yogesh Sharma,


Murli Menon

Chairman Emeritus

Padmakumaran Nair

Chief Campaigner,Kerala State,India

Dr. Yash Raj Gupta

Director: Rajasthan,India

Arun Kumar Nair

Director : Digital & IT Network

Ivan Nguyan

Chief Campaigner,Vietnam

Gagandeep Arora

Chief Campaigner,India