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Why should I follow water therapy?


Frequently Asked Questions

Carlos Hidalgo: Adviser, El Salvador & journalist by profession.

Why should I follow water therapy?

​Water Therapy gives amazing therapeutic effects and the best methodology for Prevention .

I drink enough water, still dehydrated?

There can be two reasons ,1) Water is not held inside your body, water you drink is getting inside and going out. 2) You do many activities in a day and more than 2 liters of water you drink is exhausted through sweat,urine, breath, bowel movement etc.

How can I know i'm dehydrated?

1) Check your urine, if it's not clear or difficulty in passing  out urine, then you are dehydrated. Please check it is not yellow,organe or dark.

2) If you are thirsty, it is the warning signal that you should give top priority for the hydration of your body.

​3) If urine output is less compared to last day, then your body is dehydrated.

4) If you feel tired, fatigue, bloodshot on your face, exhausted ,being wild ,headache, backache, asthma, drness of  mucous membranes ,stress etc are the signs of dehydrated body.

Is bottled water safe for water therapy?

See that all the standrads prescribed are met to drink bottled water.  There is no much difference between tap water and bottled water except it goes through some filteration system to make it tastier for you to consume.

Can I drink lots of water?

Drinking lots of water is a waste and it may dry minerals from your body. Unless the body is not able to hold the water for daily activiites, it is uselss. An average adult needs minimum of 2. 5 liters of water. Of course it depends further on the geographical,economical and cultual traits and the nature of your body and health.

I drink large quantity of juices, so why should I drink water?

No doubt juices contain water contents, but water is water and no fluid can compensate the water.

How much water I should drink?

One should drink minimum of one-third of the body weight, not less than 2 liters. This is not applicable to the children below 12 years.

Do I need to consume salt with water?

If you are using natural salt for cooking, then there is no need of consuming salt along with water. But in certain medical conditions, we advise salt . You can also watch Youtube videos of Murli Menon ,World Water Therapy Day for more details.