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In Indian traditon, the hierarchy is Mata, Pita, Guru & Daivam(Mother,Father, the Guru & the Divine). But Mr. Menon has added one more in the hierarchy ,and he ranked Water the number one. 

Founder & Chairman Emeritus  and  Conceptualiser 

Long story short: He was also the victim of Spinal Stenosis in the year 1999 in New Delhi. He cured it through water therapy and acupressure  under the guidance of Acupressure  consultant, Dr.(Mrs)Razdan. The cause was detected that he was consuming curds for dinner during extreme winter in December. In Ayurveda also, consuming curds after sunset is not allowed.

Mr. Menon claims that water can do wonders in life for health, happiness, environment, cliamatic conditions etc. as water has the tremendous memory and copious activities to deal with the situation.

Why he opted for water therapy?

Murli Menon is the Founder and conceptualiser of World Water Therapy Day . He is the Information Scientist, teacher and water reseracher &  United Nations  activist. He was honored with many national and international  awards including  United Nations award on World Water Day,2014 at UN University,Japan and the officials of  UN Water including  Mr. Michael Jeraud,Chairman and  Mr.Josefina Maestu,Coordinator, UNW- DPAC, encourged and inspired him to spread his wings globally for a noble cause. His daughter, Monica has also inspired him through human revolution activites under the guidance of  our mentor, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda.  Mr. Menon,  himeself was being a teacher for Health education and Global Education in Thailand , he wanted to start some concepts related to water which would help and support spreading health & happiness for people across the world and the World Water Therapy Day was born on 19th November, 2014.

He himself was a victim of psoriasis during 90s, &  his friend doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Hegde advised him to shift from modern medical treatement to other alternative medical system as there is no permanent cure for psoriasis in allopathy. Mr. Menon visited many libraries including Central Library in Mumbai to find out the casuses for this immune-mediated disease . After lots of study and research, he started doing Yoga and drinking water though he had no idea about water therapy.  Water and Yoga did miracles in life and within six months, the psoriasis,  which affected thorughout his body, started disappering, started feeling more energetic and alive.