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This video is meant for WWTD's Birthday celebration.

Healthy tips by Mr. Mahtab Uddin, Adviser,WWTD, Bangladesh

*Babies and children have the highest percentage of water.

*Adult men contain the next highest level of water.

*Adult women contain the lowest percentage of water than babies and men.

*Obese men and women have less water content in the body.

Water represents on average 60 per cent of the body weight in adult men and 50-55 per cent in women. This means, that for a man of avaverage weight (70 kg),body water content is about 42 litres.

Water Therapy is traditionally Japan and India based and suitable for everyone above the age of 12. Our methodology involves lukewarm water plus natural salt and 15 rules for 24 x 7.

Please visit Youtube Channel: Murli Menon, World Water Therapy Day for various resources.

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World Water Therapy Day


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