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e) Initially , you may be urged to

urniate 3-4 times in an hours, it would become normal in the later stage.

f) if one is suffering from arthirits or

​rheumatism, should follow the therapy thrice a day(morning,afternoon,evening)

​one hour before the meal for one week, then twice a day from the second week

till it is healed and cured.

* Breast cancer

* Kidney stones 


*Pulmonary TB

*Uterine cancer

* Bronchitis




* Irregular menstruation

*Eye disease   




* Headache     

*Blood pressure


*Hyper acidity

*Urogenital diseases









* Spinal stenosis

*Fibroid cancer

You can believe yourself only when you practise it.

* ​​Cancer: 4 weeks                      * Puliminory TB: 3 months 

​* BP & Hypertension: 4 weeks           *Diabetes : 7 days

​* Acidity: 2 days                                   * Constipation: 1 day


                                             YOU BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR

Indian Water Therapy methodology:

                 INDIAN  WATER  THERAPY

Usha Paana Chikitsa: 

a) Get up in the early morning and consume 1.5 liters of water without brushing the teeth.

b) No alcoholic drink to be taken in the previous night.

​c) You may use boiled or filtered water for consumption.

d) If it is difficult for you to consume the water at the initial stage, consume it gradually.

Cured by Traditional Indian Water Therapy!!

In Indian tradition it is strongly believed that if one follows the right method of drinkng water, it has the ability to purify the human body. One will be energised with new fresh blood, what is known in the  medical world as  Hematopaises.

The mucousal folds of the interstine and colon are activated by the water therapy. Water therapy has the ability to cleanse the colon and pave the way for nutrients taken in a day will be absorbed and the activiites of the mucousal folds will bring in fresh blood. When  the water is taken in a designed pattern, it would help in curing ailments and rejuvenate the body and restore health.

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