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6. Do not eat or drink anything for two hours after every meal of the day.

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​1. As soon as get up in the monring, drink 4 to 6 glasses of water(160-200 ml) on an empty stomach.

*.Japanese Water Therapy claims to cure diseases and gives healthy life.

Japan Water Therapy

* It promotes weight loss

5. Your daily routine can be after 45 minutes of drinking water.

7, Elderly people should start with one glass of water every day and gradually increase the quantity. 

*It supports strong digestive system.

10. It is better to wait for a couple of minutes between each glass of water to give a break for the stomach.

Japanese traditonal medicine recommends many health benefits of drinking water just after awakening. It is a habit among japanese that drinking water after getting up in the morning in an empty stomach. Though no much studies are available on it, we presume that one of the secrets of their longevity can be related to the Japanese Water Therapy. As per 2016 records, male  life expectancy is 80.5 and the female life expectancy is 86.8.

3. Brush your teeth after drining water.

2. Water should be consumed at room temperature or lukewarm.

*8 to 10 glasses of water every day to flush out the toxins and support the body function properly

* Drinking enough  water druing the day supports your metabolism.

4. Not to drink or eat anything for atleast another 45 minutes.

9/If you are a beginner, then too you should start gradually.


8.If you are suffering from any serious illness, then you should increase the  water quantity gradually.

* It drives you throughout the day

* It helps relieve stress

Carlos Hidalgo: Adviser, El Salvador & journalist by profession.