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We are committed to support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals through our concept.

It is true that all the MDGs are deeply connected directly or indirecly with our Mission: Health,Happiness & Achieving Goals such as 1) Eradicate extreme poverty & hunger; 2) Achieve Universal Primary Education; 3) Pormote Gender Equality & Empower Women; 4) Reduce Child Mortality; 5) Improve Maternal Health; 6) Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria & other diseases; 7) Ensure Environmental Sustainability; 8) Global Partnership for Development

Poverty Reduction Through Health & Happiness

On the left: Dr. Jyoti Jaiswal,Director,Girls Appreciation Day

Mr. Padma Girishan Mannil,democratically elected representative from Kerala State,India with the community members @an environmental campaign.

​​Murli Menon,Founder,WWTD with the Youth Health Ambassadors @Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh State,India.

Ms. Kristen Palmer(USA) & Mr. Seagame Arthit Mekarkard(Thailand) endorsing  WWTD with the Founder, Murli Menon for Global Peace & Happiness @New Delhi, India(2nd February,2019)

Disciples of Dr.Daisaku I

Monica Menon,Co-Founder,Girls Appreciation Day & Editor,WWTD with delegates of Dr.Daisaku Ikeda,Advocate for Global Peace & Happiness @ Soka Bodhi Tree Garden, Near New Delhi,India.