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Every outdoor activity calls for more hydration in you and thirst is not the measurement of dehydrated body. In fact,  thirst is the last signal of the already  dehydrated body.  Water is the main hidden formula for the success and competitiveness for players. It’s natural that when it is warm ,your body perspires more to cool down. So depending on thirst alone would be a deception. Before, during and after your activities,  to keep your toes on, make your muscles work actively & comfortably,  and also to avoid major injury and fatigue, inside your body should be in fluid environment and the best  natural healthy medication is water + .

Where  the coaches go wrong?

Many coaches being failed in keeping the inventory of their players , of the hydration status, before,  during  and ,after  practices and games and which harm even the best players in the competion circuits and best of the best players get defeated just by one percent less performace. Water  Therapy matters because the dehydrated or less hydrated players perform at lower level and they do not recover quickly from cramps & injuries. Right level of hydration has direct impact on the performance , no matter , how  best the coaches or players.

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