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Water Therapy + is the unique way to  assist in keeping your body healthy, strong, and flexible while simultaneously providing mental clarity and emotional well-being. we combine ancient tradition of  India and Japan and made unique for humanity to support for the efficient communication services for the neurotransmitter . In our Water Therapy concept, PREVENTION OF DISEASES is always in the forefront. Water Therapy has no side effects .

'Golden hours' of the day starts with early morning hours and the day should begin with drinking water in an empty stomach. In the WWWTD system, it's better to drinking lukewarm water. And one granule of natural salt be kept on the tongue and allow it to melt,then drink water.

Water Therapy +

Why our Water Therapy is Unique!

Avadhuta H.H. Jagat Guru Dileepji Maharaj, Adviser: WWTD

Water Therapy is not expenisve and it can heal & cure Insulin dependent diabetes,asthma, allergies, obeisty, retina damage,high blood pressure, stress & depression, heaeache, morning sickness, back pain, neck pain, rhematoid arthritis pain, Hiatus hernia, colitis pain, dyspeptic pain, angina pain, cancer etc.

Water Therapy is for everyone. and we offer variety of ingredients for various kinds of diseases . In 2017, the theme of World Health Organisation was "Depression" and in this photo one student from an University demonstrates to others about how water therapy + can deal with the situation.